10 September

Sunday, September 10th

Teatro Massimo

From 10 am to 1 pm | Piazza Gramsci

Workshop The Back of the Monument curated by Lisa Parola

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From 3pm to 5 pm | CARTEC

Workshop Audience in action curated by Micaela Deiana (I)

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From 3 to 5 pm | M3 Hall Teatro Massimo

Workshop Southern Questions curated by Alessandra Marchi

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From 6 pm | Teatro Massimo Terrace

South Talks

6 pm | Teatro Massimo Terrace

The assembly of workshops: sharing and conclusions.

7 pm | Stephen Squibb (e-flux, NYC)

8.30 pm | Theory of Praxis: Political Action and aesthetic practice

with Andreco (I), Leonardo Boscani (I), Fawzi Ismail (Palestinian Film Festival Al Ard), Cesare Pietroiusti (Fondazione Lac O Le Mon), Stephen Squibb (e-flux, NYC)

Screening of: Omaggio ai caduti (3′), by Luca Coclite and Laura Perrone, Fondazione lac O Le Mon, 2017  and

9.30 pm | Drinks and food

10.30 pm | Screening Shores. In the safe Northen Sun by Irene Dionisio, 60′

Q&A to follow with the director, artistic curator of Lovers Film Festival, Turin

DJ set by Marcello Cualbu & Lazlo Moulton

*Please note that Workshops are free and for 15-20 participants max