Echoes from the South

CARTEC, Musei Civici, Giardini Pubblici

From September 7th to October 1st, 2017

Tania Bruguera - Immigrant Movement Inter'l
Tania Bruguera – Immigrant Movement Inter’l, 2006-2015,  Corona, Queens, NYC

Hall 1

Claudia Losi: Chi abiterà le nostre favole. Participative Installation (2017, I)


Jonas Staal - New World Summit Rojava 2015
Jonas Staal – New World Summit – Rojava, 2015


Hall 2 | The cave

Maria Papadimitriou: A man from the South – Animals. Light installation (2015, GR). Courtesy of the artist

Andreco: Gramsci cave garden. Site specific installation (Plants, wood, 2017, I)


Tania Bruguera - YoTambienExijo_Revolution Sq
Tania Bruguera – YoTambienExijo_2014–2015, Revolution Square, Havana, Cuba


Hall 3 | Frames

Tania Bruguera: Transform your ideas into civic actions, video (20′, 2017, Cuba, UK). Courtesy of Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London (1 March 2017 – 21 May 2017)

Tania Bruguera, Transforma tus ideas en acciones cívica / Transform your ideas into life actions

2017 Image © Max Cisotti/Getty

Giovanni Columbu: Laboratorio di Comunicazione Militante, video (20’, I). Courtesy the artist

Gelitin: Selection of short movies, video (B Is For Bears, 15′, 1998, I Am The Walnut, 2′, 1997, Austria). Courtesy of Gelitin

Thomas Hirschhorn: Pourquoi. The truth is always revolutionary, video (5′, 2017, CH). Courtesy of the artist

Jonas Staal, New World Summit – Rojava, Introduction, video (5′, 2016 – 17, NL)

Location: Dêrik, Canton Cizîrê, Rojava

By Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava and Studio Jonas Staal


Tania Bruguera
Tania Bruguera