Alessandra Pomarico

Alessandra Pomarico, PhD in Sociology. Since 2000 she has been curating international and multidisciplinary artists’ residency programs at the intersection of arts, pedagogy, social issues, nano-politics, and the poetic of relationship in community building. Her practice is based on research and context-based art projects, with a focus on social change. Ideas and collaborations often resulted in long term initiatives as the recent and on going Ammirato Culture House, a hub for social practices and a community center in a formerly dismissed municipality building; The Common Orchard for Minor Fruits, a generative rural and social project in collaboration with organic farmers and activists; Free Home University, an artistic and pedagogical experiment co-designed to investigate new possibilities to produce knowledge and share the learning by experiencing life in common; Sound Res (since 2004) a residency program, festival and summer school for experimental and new music. Mobilizing and bridging local and international institutions, governmental bodies, different communities, cultural actors and activists from the local and international world, Alessandra’s challenges have echoed in lasting alliances, some memorable failures, artistic projects that blend into life.