Gabriella Riccio

Gabriella Riccio is an artist, activist and researcher based in Madrid and Naples. With a multidisciplinary background in dance as well as in political studies, alongside her activity as choreographer she is  engaged in the movement for the commons and of the self-governed cultural spaces supporting and facilitating practices of commoning, participatory democracy, care and alternative economies in several networks. As a resident member of L’Asilo  in Naples first formally recognised Italian urban and cultural common – she contributed to the drafting of the “Declaration of urban civic and collective use”. She is a co-founding member of the Institute for Radical Imagination, a trans-local think-tank producing knowledge on post-capitalist forms of life and models of cultural production as processes of social transformation. Her artistic and theoretical interest is at the intersection of art and politics. She published essays on politics, ethics and aesthetics in contemporary artistic and cultural practices. gabriellariccio.itu politica, etica ed estetica nella pratica culturale e artistica contemporanea.