Giuseppe Micciarelli

Giuseppe Micciarelli is a political philosopher and sociologist of law; he works at the University of Salerno and is part of the teaching staff of the ProPart Master at the IUAV, Venice. 

He’s part of the Institute of Radical Imagination, a think tank of researchers and artists from all over the world committed to practicing and thinking about other forms of study and activism.

He is the author of numerous essays for international journals on the themes of the transformation of democracy and institutions, on common goods and democratic processes. Many scientific dissemination materials are available on open access platforms, including In July 2019 he was awarded the Elinor Ostrom Award, the most important worldwide recognition on the defense and management of commons ( He is developing the methodology of political-legal hacking, for overturning the mechanisms that place practices of conflict and social movements in the face of the sterile dichotomy between capture devices and identifying antagonisms. As a researcher and activist he is engaged in the creation and implementation of new participatory institutions, on a local and transnational scale, carrying out advocacy activities for numerous associations, social spaces, networks and local authorities.

He is an ad hoc expert for Local Governance, urban renewal and the arts and culture of the European Union URBACT Program – Driving the change for Better Cities. He is also currently President of the Permanent Observatory on Common Goods and Fundamental Rights of the city of Naples.