Luisa Camoglio

Luisa Camoglio is a doctor. In 2008, after years spent abroad, she returned to Sardinia to build a new bond with her land.

 “The place where this happened is the island of Sant’Antioco, an island of special naturalistic beauty, in particular a vineyard by the sea. The wine of La Casa di Sophia is the product of the territory, in balance with the nature. ” All the agricultural and oenological discoveries and techniques of La Casa di Sophia were put online, so that sustainable knowledge could spread and become a constellation of communities. “The Ministry of Agriculture, in the decree of June 2020, defined the cultivation of the small islands as ‘heroic’. Our vines are exposed to the salt of storm surges, strong winds and high temperatures. We experience climate change on a day-to-day basis. The answer can only be collective ”. With the support of some private individuals, La Casa di Sophia has implemented the shared development project “Adopt the Spiaggia Grande vineyard”. On the dunes of Spiaggia Grande, a 70-year-old (poorly maintained) vineyard now has a new life. Viticulture has become an opportunity for knowledge and practice, for beauty and celebration: “Climate, energy, water: these are such vast themes that we can only solve them together”. Hopefully then with many, countless Sophia’s Houses.